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Premiere Residential Property Leasing

What Sets Us Apart

The CMLgroup brings an expertise to residential leasing that focuses on each asset uniquely. Every property will have challenges and weaknesses, as well as its’ own strengths and exciting selling points. We use our years of industry experience as a backbone to build a strategy that is specific to each property in order to fulfill its’ leasing potential. Our team members pride themselves on being locally-focused, and our leasing services are bolstered by our management success across a variety of property types. This list includes leasing Large Apartment Buildings, Condos and Townhouses, as well as Single Family Homes and Estates. The CMLgroup represents unmatched operating results and a strong leasing track record.

Core operating values

Our team is boutique in every sense of the word. Each asset that we are leasing is focused on individually and comprehensively. In order to be as successful as possible, we believe in a hands-on approach to residential leasing and we work diligently as a team to find holistic strategies for each property. We see potential in every asset and it is our team’s goal to provide exceptional leasing results for our clients as well as the best environment possible for our tenants.

When it comes to leasing, management and brokerage, our team believes that there is no “one size fits all” solution. We work with our clients to create custom solutions for their leasing needs. We provide premium leasing services including rental rate analysis and market surveys, turn services after tenant turnover, multiple-platform marketing and much more! See our property management page for a comprehensive list of our leasing and management services, or email us at Each member of The CMLgroup’s team brings an unmatched level of expertise to every property and client we work alongside, and we hope to be working with you soon

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Premiere Residential Paroperty Leasing

Premiere Residential Property Leasing

Our Story

The CMLgroup, Inc. is a privately-held real estate firm offering premiere brokerage services, property management and investment offerings. As a fully-integrated firm, we are able to use our expertise to focus on a common goal: achieving superior service and results.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can leasing services be provided without providing full property management?

    • ​Yes! We provide a leasing-only service that allows you to avoid the headache of marketing, handling applications and vetting potential new tenants. You can take over the management if you choose to once we’ve found your perfect new tenant.

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