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Property Management in Los Angeles

What Sets Us Apart

At The CMLgroup, we understand that property management in Los Angeles is not just a job, it is an ever-evolving industry that ebbs and flows much like the real estate market. Our team has over 15 years of experience in this industry, and what that has taught us is that property management in Los Angeles can be volatile. We know how important it is to find the right property management team to not just take care of your property and keep your tenant happy, but to also know the market, know the trends and to stay on top of an ever-changing climate. Being able to do all this while maximizing your income is an expertise that The CMLgroup is proud to boast.

Core operating values

Our ability to provide consistent, superior results for our clients stems from our diligent, hands-on practices with property management in Los Angeles. Our team of property managers has just about seen it all, and the more we work in management, the better we understand how unique each property is, and each client is as well.

We take a unique, comprehensive approach to every asset, from Condos and Apartments, to Large Apartment Buildings and Estates. This strategy affords us the opportunity to highlight the individual strengths of a property, and to adapt any potential weaknesses to work in your favor. Property management in Los Angeles is an industry that The CMLgroup knows and understands, so let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Contact our offices at 310-694-8992 to speak with a team member about property management in Los Angeles.

You can speak with a team member at 310-694-8992  to find out if property management is the right move for you.

Property Management in Los Angeles

Property Management in Los Angeles

Our Story

The CMLgroup, Inc. is a privately-held real estate firm offering premiere brokerage services, property management and investment offerings. As a fully-integrated firm, we are able to use our expertise to focus on a common goal: achieving superior service and results.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I’m new to property management in Los Angeles; is this something I could do myself?

    • ​Property management is certainly something you can choose to do on your own. Some property owners find it time consuming to research the rental market, advertise their property, find the right tenant, manage the home and tenants needs on a daily basis, and then to also stay on top of local management rules and regulations.

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